Tribute Bands. Are they worth it?

Mark Holburn
8 min readNov 18, 2022
Credit: Photo by Josh Sorenson

This is a subject I have been meaning to write about for a while, but my article is inspired by Alex Markham’s fantastic article below about tribute bands and a Tom Waits cover band that he saw in Valencia that turned out not to be a real tribute band but a group of good musicians playing Tom Waits’ songs. Alex Markham commented that it was a good night of live music for him and his wife.

I mentioned in the comments that I used to be quite a snob when it came to tribute bands. Why go and see a band copy music from some of your favourites when you can see the real thing?

Conversely, my opinion has changed somewhat over the last few years after seeing a number of them. Alex Markham makes a great point about living in a different country and the ability to see your favourite band is not always accessible depending on what cities and venues they tour.

However, there are other matters that we need to take into account. For a start the price that you have to pay for some of the original big bands such as The Rolling Stones, and Genesis is astronomical. I also dare to mention the palaver of us Springsteen fans trying to obtain tickets and raid our savings to get see the great man next year.

The other factor is that when you get to my age, some of the bands you would like to see are either disbanded or some of the original members sadly passed away.

All I can say is as someone who loves live music I have witnessed some top-notch compositions from tribute bands and although they are not the original writers, the live experience is fantastic and so much cheaper!

I have listed below some of the good tribute bands I have seen.

Before I list the good ones, I need to describe a bad tribute experience and of course, it had to be Springsteen. I am not going to name the band or person out of respect. A while ago I made friends with someone on Facebook who shared my passion for Springsteen. He used to comment a lot on Springsteen groups and to cut a long story short I…



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