Who is the better Actor?

Al Pacono vs Robert De Niro

This question was asked on a Movie forum a while ago and is a difficult one to answer as it is very subjective. However certainly worth exploring in a bit more detail.

They are both fine actors. Probably the best of their generation. They have both won Oscars. Robert De…

After watching the recent documentaries on Brittany Spears and Caroline Flack, I feel we are in crisis in terms of fame and mental health. In fact, we probably have been for some time. Our world is dominated by a bombardment of social media and a craving for reality TV and…

So much has been written about the current Covid crises by people far more knowledgeable than me. I guess we are all just tired of hearing the same old dreaded news every day.

It has been a dreadful time for a lot of people and many people have sadly lost…

A Plea to Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham

If this year has taught us anything then it is to come closer to your families and friends and respect life for what it is. …

Mark Holburn

Lover of music, sport, animals, humour, movies and decency. A Level in Film Studies.

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